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Our Story So Far

What started off as a simple project to help me teach my children, has now blossomed into a wonderful gift that has enabled me to touch the lives of thousands of children around the world.

Waqas Ahmed - Software developer since 1999

I'm an average parent that grew up in Denmark. I had very little knowledge about how education works in the UK, which has some key differences to the way it works in Denmark. I started off in helping my children in the conventional way, i.e using pen and paper, but having a background in engineering, I knew I could make things better.

I first started out with developing a simple application for my children as part of a trial. As the trial was successful i noticed my children's friends from School could benefit too. From there, things moved onto the local school and parents in the local community.

After that, the message of FreeTeacher spread very quickly and way beyond what I could have imagined at the time. I had no idea that FreeTeacher had this much teaching potential, and am both honored and consider it a privilege for what has been accomplished from this site in just a few years.

The level of support and feedback that has helped me make this site what it is today, is simply amazing. FreeTeacher is now a number one Maths and English teaching resource in multiple countries around the globe.Half-way through 2011 the site reached a major milestone - One million questions answered by children on the site in total to date. I'm truly honoured to be part of something so great.

Such heights of success, unfortunately, came with it's own unique challenges. As the site popularity grew I was unable to handle the site maintenance and development on my own. My hosting costs increased exponentially and the increasing popularity demanded more and more of my time and attention. Being a parent of three children with a full-time job, I struggled to keep up this commitment.

For this reason, in 2011 FreeTeacher was incubated as an XS-PRO Project. Since incorporating the site into XS-PRO we've been able to implement systems that introduce even further aids in identifying areas that children are struggling with for the parents and teachers.

Furthermore, XS-PRO studied other online teaching resources for Children and noticed the costs were fairly prohibitive for Parents and local schools. XS-PRO assessed the questions on paid resource sites, as well as gathering further feedback from Schools and parents and brought even more questions online and further subjects to make the learning resource even more comprehensive.

I now have the support of a dedicated organisation for my efforts. In incoporating FreeTeacher into an XS-PRO project, I made sure that FreeTeacher's mission remained un-changed. And that is, simply to be an incredible teaching resource for Children, Parents and Teachers alike, and at all times, completely free.

FreeTeacher will remain free for as long as the site remains operation, but in order to cover operating costs for site development and maintenance, as part of the XS-PRO incubation, topic questions have now been opened up to generous sponsors. XS-PRO aims to make as many questions as possible, free for children, but is unable to do so with all questions. This is why we need sponsors. If you, or any other person or organisation you know is willing to sponsor any question(s), please get in touch with us.

Sponsored questions have the benefit of being open and available to all children, completely free.

If you got this far. Thank you so much for reading. Here's to a prosperous future for the next generation.

Our Story before 2011

Welcome to FreeTeacher.co.uk. I am a parent and my profession is software development. I'm based in Solihull (Birmingham) in The United Kingdom.

I compiled this FreeTeacher application to help my children learn maths and to improve their speed in calculating sums.

Initially this project (FreeTeacher.co.uk) was running on my home server simply to help my own children with maths. My children spent hours on practicing the sums and got ahead of the class in a very short amount of time.

At this point I decided to purchase the domain name FreeTeacher.co.uk to publish my work for other children to benefit from.

I had no idea that this little project will help so many children around the world. Currently this website is delivering on average 20000 questions per day. There are peak days several times a week where children do more than 40,000 questions.

This has brought a lot of satisfaction to my work. I try to update as many questions as possible with the help from my colleagues at work. We all give a small amount of our time to improve the website as often as possible. I am keen to hear from you if this project has benefited your children or if you have any ideas on how this website can be further improved. I do my very best to answer all the contact requests as soon as possible.

Please contact me using contact form to share your thoughts. Thank you for taking interest in this project.

FreeTeacher got help from

FreeTeacher would like to thank Matt for his jQuery code, which is used on some of the fun games pages.

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